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From head to toe, slough off those dead skin cells to enhance the penetration of your moisturiser, get the best results from your self tan and revitalize your skin. With sun exposure comes skin dehydration so hydrate from inside with water and the outside by adding an additional moisture mask to your skin routine. Chapped lips are uncomfortable. Defend and nourish yours with soothing lip balm and use moisturising lipsticks or gloss for fresh soft lips. A fabulously smooth, bronzed and nourished body, what more could you want for Summer? Tanning moisturisers will conceal your imperfections and boost your mood.
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You've been taking care of your little one, it's your turn. Moisturise and nourish your body with the natural, organic and safe Sacred Nature range. The hottest seasons of the year come with a level of dehydration and sun exposure. Take a moment each day to protect your digits and top up your Vitamin E. Bright blue skies or grey cloud cover, those harmful UV rays never stop so remember, apply sun protection to all exposed skin, SPF is an everyday essential. Sun, sun, sun, we can't say it enough. Protect yourself from premature aging, discoloration and more. Our mineral foundations create a flawless complexion and physical barrier from the sun.


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