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The Secret Day Spa

In the welcoming area of Strandtown is our fresh Belfast Day Spa experience, The Secret Day Spa.

Owned and run by sisters Lynsey Bennett & Leah White, we are boutique, stylish and dedicated to providing powerful, relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments and essential beauty maintanance with great service using exceptional products and techniques.


The Secret Day Spa Products

We have complete belief in the products we use day to day in our Spa. We choose them carefully and our clients love them!

Bio Sculpture - Permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks!  it’s a pleasure to wear, making nails look beautiful, flexible and strong, while conditioning your natural nails beneath.
Comfort Zone - A complete product line of beauty treatments and rituals, cosmetics and elements of design to render every moment of one's life a pleasant interlude of well-being.
He Shi - He-Shi tan is a high quality,  award winning collection of sunless tanning products and one of the most popular tans throughout the UK & Ireland.
Pro White Smile - One of the most effective and long lasting teeth whitening solutions available. 
White to Brown - Airbrush tanning system for a flawless, golden brown tan. Your no-sun solution to achieving a long lasting safe colour.
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics - Designed to give the appearance of beautiful luminous skin, smoothing any fine lines and hiding blemishes without the use of oils, chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances, or dyes. 




We love make up, skincare, haircare & bodycare!

The Secret Day Spa is an expert day Spa and luxury online beauty boutique specializing in exceptional brands. We are passionate about beauty and will only offer the best brands from around the world, that we use ourselves, and have experienced as beauty solutions that really work for people of every skin type - [ comfort zone ], Dermalogica, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, HeShi, White to Brown, Accelawhite & more.

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028 9067 1914
30 Belmont Road, Belfast, BT4 2AN