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The Secret Day Spa & Comfort Zone
At The Secret Day Spa we use the exquisite Spa products of our Spa product specialist friends at [ comfort zone ] Skin Care.

We use the sumptuous range of [ comfort zone ] products every day in our [ comfort zone ] treatments and know every benefit and nuance that make these skin care products worth every glowing recommendation we give to them.
We love [ comfort zone ] because their core values reflect our own; they promote care, customized solutions and the pleasure to be found in the pure relaxation of all of your senses.
[ comfort zone ] Skin Care
From our years of experience with [ comfort zone ] we have learnt first hand about their objectives when devising and developing each new product and treatment. The goal is to look after the person in his or her entirety, to make each experience as gratifying and, we also believe, as luxurious as possible.

So product by product and treatment by treatment, [ comfort zone ]'s formulations are created carefully, drawing from phytotherapy, aromatherapy, and the most modern biochemistry. Each element enjoying the benefits of nature mixed with the intelligence of science. New products offer a beautiful marriage of innovative ingredients and a reliable solution to guarantee satisfaction. 

It also is important to us that [ comfort zone ] is NOT tested on animals but is rigorously researched to be sure that each product line is safe, effective and agreeable to all the senses. 
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